Machine Producers Leaders in Technology

M&A Ltd. has been the Turkey agent of Textile Machine producers, all leaders in their own sectors.

           Synthetic yarn air and draw texturizing, yarn covering, and fancy yarn machines


Since 1996, M&A Ltd. has been the Turkey agent of Aiki Riotech/Japan, a world leader in yarn air and draw texturing, as well as in yarn splitting. Aiki Riotech is a leader in all types of synthetic yarn air texturizing, draw complex air texturizing, and special yarn texturizing machines. Moreover, Aiki Riotech has proved it is technologically advanced by introducing the next 50 years’ most important innovation to the business world: CARBON FIBER and its derivations, as well as PAN precursor winder, winder for carbon fiber, UD prepreg machines used for its production. It also has biggest market share in the monofilament splitting machines.

It meets high demands with industrial yarn covering, yarn coating, yarn splitting lines. Its monofilament splitting machines are especially successful worldwide and it has the largest market share in its region.

Please click to see Aiki Riotech’s sales reports for their air texturing, air covering, draw texturizing and yarn splitting machines.

During the years 1995-1998, M&A Ltd. was also the Turkey agent of Somet/Italy, a world leader in rapiers weaving looms. In 3 years M&A Ltd. sold 2,500 weaving looms.

In addition, it has sold the 2x1 twisting machine producer Aratex/Italy’s more then ten thousands spindle capacity machines to the Turkish market.