M&A Ltd. keeps the following fabric and yarn groups in stock for domestic warehouse sale.

Greige Fabric

Producer: PT Easterntex / Indonesia

Product groups: fabrics for shirting and pocketing

Fabric construction:

65%polyester 35%cotton – 110x76 ve 136x72

45%polyester 55%cotton – 110x76 ve 136x72


Producer: K20-AICHI SEN-I / Japan

Product groups: curtain and shirting usage monofilament polyester yarn

Yarn types:

100%polyester 20/1 curtain and shirting usage yarn

To learn more about our available warehouse sales and updated prices please contact Mr. Gürkan Doray from M&A Bursa at either (+90.224 211 0756) or (+90.532 292 6353).

  Domestic Warehouse Sales